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Three singles have been released and is now available on all streaming platforms.

The songs are taken from the upcoming debut album which will be released on friday september 20.

Watch this space for upcoming releases. Please do visit the LIND Spotify page to have a listen to the three songs available.

They will be followed by a song called "Somedays" that will be released the week before the album goes live. The song can be pre-saved via this link so you don't miss it.

Thank you for visiting and listening. Stay tuned.

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Kopparberg, Sweden  August 2019

The self-titled debut album is being uploaded to all major streaming sites ready for release on friday september 20.

The album is self-produced with Lind playing and singing all the songs.

A collaborator at heart this time Lind wanted to take some of his songs and gather them for a true solo project.

A diverse album rooted in vintage rock and pop it spreads from heavier rock tunes to piano based ones. The album contains ten songs and will be preceeded by four singles starting with "Here and now".